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What is a Taxonomy?

A taxonomy is a "classification in a hierarchical system" (Wiktionary). In the JavaABC someone can get a logical view on a set of SIBs by means of taxonomies. So besides the classification of SIBs by the file system, there is a second classification, which can be edited by user, so that the taxonomy fits the user's needst best. The SIBs are classified in categories, which are called (as in a file system) folders. These folders are (like in a file system) hierarchically organized. That means that a folder not only can contain SIBs, but also folders. Each SIB can potentially be at various places in the taxonomy. Furhtermore it does not appear with its real class name, but with an editable alias. If there is no alias, the default value is the name of the class of the SIB. By means of the use of aliases can one SIB for example appear at one place of the taxonomy under its English caption and at another place under its German one.

Where are taxonomies stored?

In the JavaABC for each SIB-Path in a project, there can be exactly one taxonomy. This taxonomy is stored as an XML file. If the SIB-Path is a directory, the taxonomy is stored in a file with the name taxonomy.xml, which is in this directory. If the SIB-Path points to a jar file, the taxonomy file is stored in the same directory as the jar file. The name of the taxonomy file contains the name of the jar file, so it has got an unique identification. The taxonomy file for the SIBs from the classpath is stored under $HOME/.JavaABC/classpath_taxonomy.xml.

Taxonomy file (example)

Where are the taxonomies displayed in the JavaABC?

If a taxonomy is defined for a SIB-Path, the user can choose for a SIB-Browser, if he wants to see the file system or the taxonomy. The caption of the root node of the tree shows, which view is currently active.

SIB-Browser with Taxonomy

The Taxonomy Editor

For proving a comfortable way of editing taxonomies, there is the "Taxonomy Editor". This is a JavaABC-Plugin for editing taxonomies with an graphical user interface. If this plugin is activated, there is an additional item "Taxonomy Editor" in the menu "Plugins". A click on this item opens a window with the Taxonomy Editor. If there are several SIB-Paths, a dialog appears, where the user can choose one of them.

The Taxonomy Editor contains the file system tree with all SIBs on its left side and the taxonomy tree on its right side. The file system tree is the same as the SIB-Browser in the main window of the JavaABC. By means of a filter, the number of displayed SIBs can be reduced. The button between the two trees copies the SIBs which are selected in the file system tree into the taxonomy tree. It is also possible to copy SIBs simply by "Drag and Drop".

At the top of the taxonomy tree there are buttons for editing the taxonomy. These functions are also available at the popup menu. The user is able to create new folders, rename SIBs, remove SIBs from the taxonomy and change the order of the SIBs. The order can either be done with the buttons to move a SIB one step up or down or automatically with on of the sorting buttons. The left sorting button sorts all SIBs in the current folder alphabetically, the right one sorts alls SIBs in the current folder and all its subfolders alphabetically. If the user wants to move a SIB from one folder to the other, this is also possible by "Drag and Drop".

At the bottom of the Taxonomy Editor there are buttons for leaving the Taxonomy Editor (with or without saving the changes) and for performing a reset of all changes to the last stored state.

The Taxonomy Editor