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The LocalChecker is responsible for testing local terms of SIBs. It visualizes messages about the results in the plugin inspector. There are four grades of messages denoting the severity of a problem.

Message level:

Clues of this grade have an informative character.
Warnings remark that there might be a problem in the SIB. In general, they indicate that a parameter or branch deviates from the normal usage.
The SIB is used falsely. This can cause an unexpected behaviour of the graph.
Fatal Error
The SIB is in an undefined state. The graph might be impaired by this severe error.

In the SIBGraph

All SIBs implementing the LocalChecker interface are highlighted with a small overlay icon, which marks the actual state. The overlay icons can be deactivated by the plugin menu or the respective button in the toolbar of the plugin inspector. Furthermore a position for the icons can be chosen in the options dialog in the plugins tab. Every LocalChecker enabled SIB is in one of six states.

States of a SIB:

This SIB has been checked and there was nothing to report. Everything is fine.
There had been info messages only.
At most warnings and info messages followed from the last check.
The last check produced at least one or more errors.
Fatal Error
This SIB has fatal errors.
Not Checked
The component was not checked since the last change.

The corresponding overlay icons are shown in figure (see Overlay Icons). They are printed in the same order as the headwords above.

Overlay Icons

As "Highlight SIBs" is activated in the inspector, the overlay icon of every SIB is automatically updated when a check is performed or a SIB has altered.

Plugin Inspector

Plugin Inspector

The LocalChecker inspector (see figure Plugin Inspector) has a simple interface. It contains a table showing the messages of the actual selection in the SIBGraph. At the bottom of the inspector is a toolbar that enables the user to steer the plugin. The button "ignore warnings" controls whether only errors and fatal errors are visible or warnings and infos, too. "Highlight SIBs" decides whether the overlay icons should be painted or not. If "continous checking" is activated, a SIB will be checked automatically if it has been changed. "Check all SIBs" checks the complete SIBGraph and shows a dialog with statistics about the results. During the check a progress dialog provides status information. Generally a check is too fast for the dialog to pop up. In the case of a long running check, it can be canceled with the "cancel"-button in the progress dialog. The Button "info window" executes a test of all SIBs and opens a window with more detailed information about the results. The window contains the result of all SIBs, not only of the current selection as it is in the inspector. These buttons are available in the plugin menu, too.

Info Window

Info Window

The info window (see figure Info Window) presents the check results of all SIBs of the actual graph. The view can be constrained by filter methods. The filter text can embody wildcards ("?" for an arbitrary character and "*" for an arbitrary character sequence). All SIBs that do not match this pattern are not visible in the table. The "level filter" facilitates a more specific filtering of shown message levels than the "ignore warnings"-button of the inspector toolbar. By selecting the "error" level all warnings and infos are hidden, for example. The "select" button closes the window and selects all SIBs in the SIBGraph owning messages that are selected in the result table of the info window. Clicking "ok" disposes the dialog without any further actions.


The LocalChecker plugin is a robust tool informing the application expert about incorrect usage of SIBs. In continous check mode, the plugin gives direct information about the status of a SIB via the overlay icon. For the actual selection, more details are available in the plugin inspector. The info window provides information about the status of all SIBs in a model. The LocalChecker is a powerful and easy to use addition to the model checking plugin GEAR.

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